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Total Body Tone and Lengthen workout DVD - New Series


With 3 workouts on one DVD, the Total Body Tone and Lengthen Workout series lets you choose what part of your body you wish to workout.

Follow along with AeroPilates expert Marjolein Brugman and her daughter, Skylar, in a total-body workout spanning three routines.

The Upper Body workout focuses your arms, shoulders, back, core, and more. Approximately 30 minutes.

The Lower Body workout will help you tone your legs and glutes while still getting the lengthening and strengthening that AeroPilates is known for. Approximately 35 minutes.

A strong core can help you move and feel better. The Core-focused workout will help you build a strong and toned
midsection. Approximately 34 minutes.


3 workouts on one DVD

Upper Body workout is approximately 30 minutes

Lower Body workout is approximately 35 minutes

Core workout is approximately 34 minutes