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Are you ready for the next challenge?

September 03, 2020 1 min read

Are you ready for the next challenge? - AeroPilates

Many of you have worked vigilantly on your AeroPilates reformer to strengthen your core, lengthen your tight muscles and improve your balance and coordination. No doubt with this regular training you are now standing taller, sleeping better, able to boast about your ideal weight and flatter tummy and feeling much more confident.

You may now also be ready to challenge yourself even further. The way to do so is by reducing the number of cords that you perform each exercise with and this is why we developed the new “yellow” cord equivalent to 1/2 of a black one.

The muscles that you use to push the platform away from the foot bar are major mobilizing muscles: big muscles in your arms and legs and the ones commonly focused on when performing strength training reps at the gym.

The muscles that are used to bring the platform back are your deeper core stabilizing muscles: the ones that prevent you from crumbling into a heap of bones.

The cords on the Reformer act like abdominal muscles so more resistance will increase the strength of your mobilizers and fewer cords will increase the strength of your core.

To challenge yourself further on your AeroPilates reformer I suggest you begin by reducing the number of cords that you customarily work with. By performing each movement with one less cord you will quickly feel how it alters the benefit of the exercise and be better able to customize your workout.

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