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Follow these simple steps to redeem your coupon and stream the workout videos. Step 1 "Redeem your coupon" (Note: there is no audio):

Step 2 - "Streaming" :

Alternatively click here (English) to view /download instructions.

Alternatively click here (Italian) to view / download instructions.

The maximum user weight is 300lbs or 21.5 stones.

You need to be a minimum of 4ft 6 inches (137cm) and no taller than 6ft 6 inches (198cm).

Yes, we are here to help. Every reformer includes an introductory workout DVD (which can also be streamed onto a PC or smart phone) and the 30 day Jump Start programme to get you going. Live online coaching is also available.

The number of resistance cords you use is determined by the exercise and your workout level; beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The workout DVDs and workout chart that come with each reformer specify the number of resistance cords to use with each exercise. For some exercises less is more challenging. In general more cords engage your mobilising muscles while fewer cords work on your core. Use the number or combination of resistance cords that challenge you without compromising your form. If the exercise is too easy, add a cord, if it is too hard, take a cord off and see / feel what the difference is. The same applies when using the cardio rebounder.

If you are not concerned about a minor mark or two then B grade stock is a great way to save money when purchasing a reformer. All B grade reformers have been reworked by us, but may have minor cosmetic marks or defects. Any mark or defect will not affect the use or performance of the reformer. Your warranty will be the same as purchasing a regular reformer but excludes the minor marks / defects.

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How To

Follow these simple steps to get access to your streaming workout videos (note: there is no audio):

Step 2 - Streaming :

Here is a simple way to unbox your reformer when it arrives:

Assembling your AeroPilates Reformer :

Watch this video to see how the Cardio Rebounder is assembled:

For all current models the rope / strap length can be adjusted via the plastic inline adjuster. Click here to watch a video guide on YouTube.

For earlier models the rope / strap length can be adjusted under the platform as demonstrated in the following video:

Fitting the pulley hooks can be fiddly. Click here or play the video below to see how it is done.

Spare Parts & Service

Spare parts are available from the UK. We hold a large quantity of parts from replacement wheels to the nuts and bolts. Just contact customer services through this site.

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If your rollers are making a noise or not rolling smoothly, first make sure your frame is aligned correctly. If the alignment is correct or if you have roller noise after adjusting the frame, after wiping clean the steel roller track apply a generous of silicon spray or olive oil to the inside of the track.