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Is it time to upgrade your old Reformer for the new revolutionary Aeropilates Reformer?

September 03, 2020 2 min read

When we developed the idea of adding a vertical trampoline to a reformer we had no idea how profoundly supine jumping would revolutionize the world of fitness.

I’m sure you know that we should perform cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes to prevent heart disease but I am certain that many of you have not been able to find a way to increase your heart rate safely without impact on your knees, without pounding the pavement or having to get wet and chlorinated in a pool or sweaty on someone else’s used treadmill or elliptical!

Our latest clinical study including Aeropilates rebounding proved far superior cardiovascular health: a 2lb a week weight loss, marked decrease in hip to waist ratio, lower blood pressure, improved endurance and a remarkable reduction in stress.

When you first begin Aeropilates  cardio rebounding you might experience some tension on your lower back. This indicates that your abdominal muscles, which are needed to hold your legs in the air while jumping, are weak.

But have no fear there are a couple of easy solutions and you will be amazed at how quickly these muscles strengthen to affect all aspects of old lower back weakness and incorrect movement.

Solution 1 is to jump with one foot at a time, bringing the unused leg into your chest with a bended knee. Immediately your back will feel more supported.
The other solution is to add a cord, yellow first, then black as this makes the reformer platform recoil faster such that your legs are in the air for less time, putting less strain on your weak abs and back.

Within a few days you will feel a tremendous difference and will be able to experiment and change up your cardio workout by adding and subtracting cords to Make it more varied and fun.

To begin I suggest that you build up to a workout with the following sequence:

  • 5 minutes of hopping on 2 cords
  • 5 minutes of 2-foot jumping on 2 cords
  • 5 minutes of hopping on 3 cords
  • 5 minutes of 2-foot jumping on 3 cords
  • 5 minutes of hopping on 1 cord
  • 5 minutes of 2-foot jumping on 1 cord

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