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Primer & Basic Workout DVD - New Series


The two DVD pack includes the AeroPilates Primer and the Basic Workout Package.

The Primer will give you all the information you need to get started on your AeroPilates reformer.

Marjolein explains the theory and benefits of AeroPilates, machine overview, spinal movements, familiar terms, rebounding, safety tips, and the simple rules of body placement.

Also included on the Primer is a basic workout incorporating rebounding and traditional Pilates reformer exercises.

The Basic Workout Package DVD includes two beginner workouts featuring Marjolein Brugman and Skylar Rote.

The Basic AeroPilates workout uses the Cardio Rebounder and the Footbar for a well rounded strength, flexibility, and cardio workout.

The Basic Cardio workout is a simple and effective workout using the Cardio Rebounder to get your heart pumping and the fat burning.

Features: Two DVD pack AeroPilates Primer gives you all the information you need to get started and an introductory workout

Basic Workout Package has two beginner workouts for a well-rounded start to your AeroPilates regimen