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Comfort Kit

Take your Pilates routines to the next level with the AeroPilates Comfort Kit. The AeroPilates Comfort Kit comes with the Head Pillow, non-slip Towel, and Removable Furry Hand Grips.

Neck Support
The Head Pillow was designed to follow the contour of your neck and back, promoting postural alignment in the process. Even in longer workouts, your upper body will feel supported. You’ll find the plush padding and soft, easy-to-clean vinyl covering convenient and useful. Better yet, you’ll feel safe and secure attaching your Pillow to a Reformer – the elastic bands hold the pillow firmly in place.

The AeroPilates Towel provides extra comfort and absorbency to your workout and is used to cover the AeroPilates Reformer platform. A soft, non-slip texture will absorb your sweat and keep you stable. Plus, it’s machine washable.

Protect Your Hands
Furry hand grips are engineered to keep your hands more comfortable. The hand grips are easily removable for washing.