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Stretching, vitality and AeroPilates - AeroPilates

AeroPilates Refomer Pilates for Stretching and Vitality

February 06, 2022 0 min read

In today's chaotic, stress-filled world, a little exercise goes a long way to adding joy and vitality to your day. If you do nothing else, at least find 10 minutes to slowly stretch your whole body. Stretch to your full extension, relax in that position by exhaling into the stretch and then stretch a little more.
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How the Reformer retrains your body - AeroPilates

How a Pilates Reformer retrains your body

February 06, 2022 0 min read

Most people have some kind of physical pain from years of incorrect movement, over zealous exercising and compounded injury. Joseph Pilates understood the negative effects of repetitive stress and touted the benefits of training the body as one integrated unit, in a symmetrically balanced way, on your back, on a machine that supports all structural weaknesses and challenges specific areas to simultaneously stretch and strengthen.

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